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Cardsphere Can Help

  • Buy and sell at reasonable prices
  • Trade cards for cards
  • Turn store credit or prizes into cash or cards
  • Liquidate a collection

Cardsphere is Different

  • USD as currency
  • 3% transaction fee [1]
  • 10% cash-out fee [2]
  • No hidden fees
  • No subscription required
  • No payment method required
  • All languages, conditions, foils
  • Trade sealed product [4]
  • Dispute resolution and support
  • Zero maintenance prices

Something For Everyone

  • Competitive Players — Get your staples cheaper. No maintenance buylist.
  • Casual Players — Beat buylist prices. You decide when you trade.
  • Traders — Buy and sell in an open market. Set your own prices.
  • Collectors — Reach out to a wider community for those hard to find items.
  • Stores — Move your inventory, don't let it sit idle.

Simple Trade Mechanics

Add the cards you have for trade or import your entire collection from other sites.
Add the cards you want to receive, specifying the price you're willing to offer.
View automatically generated packages of cards based on your haves and other users wants.
Send the cards you have. Receive the cards you want.

Check Out Some Recent Trades

  • After 4 days I have more trades on Cardsphere than I've had in the past 8 months combined.
    — Efren, Pack Crack Fever
  • I've sold thousands of dollars of cards in the first few months!
    — Big Daddy