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Top 10 Traded Cards (Last 30 days)

Burnished Hart (47 times)
Path to Exile (42 times)
Serum Visions (42 times)
Sol Ring (41 times)
Ghost Quarter (35 times)
Smuggler's Copter (35 times)
Glorybringer (32 times)
Thraben Inspector (32 times)
Fatal Push (30 times)
Lightning Bolt (30 times)

Top 10 Wanted Cards

Scalding Tarn
Misty Rainforest
Verdant Catacombs
Arid Mesa
Polluted Delta
Marsh Flats
Snapcaster Mage
Fatal Push
Flooded Strand
Cavern of Souls

Top 10 Senders by Quantity (Last 30 days)

Big Daddy (729)
Ethan Ray (373)
BlueMagic (317)
hop3less (242)
Portlis (242)
BevMo (152)

Top 10 Senders by $ Value (Last 30 days)

Ethan Ray ($1613.85)
Peter Twieg ($1523.08)
Kuroari ($1510.96)
Taavian ($1494.65)
hop3less ($1373.02)
Big Daddy ($1274.14)
MES ($875.19)
cleverpseudonym ($776.17)
Sean Gao ($726.19)
DELTA622 ($702.73)

Last 10 Trades

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
Sky Swallower
Torpor Orb
Treacherous Urge
Champion of Wits
Goblin Ringleader
Path to Exile
Terrain Elemental (Planeswalker Deck)