Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cardsphere?

An online marketplace for trading, buying and selling Magic: the Gathering cards. Users import a list of cards they have and cards they want, and Cardsphere helps them identify the most lucrative packages they can send to other users.

When a user sends cards, the funds are removed from the receiver’s account and held by Cardsphere. Once the cards are received, the funds are released to the sender, minus a small transaction fee.

The sender can then use their account balance to acquire the cards they want on Cardsphere, or take their cash. When “cashing out”, Cardsphere imposes another fee.

How do I get a Cardsphere account? Is there a fee for signing up?

Signing up for an account is free.

You can build up your account balance by sending out cards to users who want them or by depositing money into your account using a payment card (credit or debit). There is a minimum deposit of $20.00 USD. This is because Cardsphere incurs a cost when you buy in, and we have to make sure when this money is cashed out of the system, that cost is covered.

You can use Cardsphere in this manner to trade cards for cards at the best rate available anywhere for as long as you want.

You can also choose to subscribe to Cardsphere membership. Subscription fees are $6.00 USD for 30 days, or $60.00 USD for 360 days, paid directly out of your Cardsphere balance. Membership comes with access to premium features, which offer additional value to traders. For more information, see the Membership page.

Are you using a site currency (points)?

No. Your account is in US Dollars.

How much are your fees?

Cardsphere charges users who send out cards a 1% transaction fee. The fee is calculated per card, rounded up. This fee comes out of the funds held for the transaction -- no up front funds are required to trade.

When you cash out, we charge 10% of the amount you’re cashing out or $10, whichever is more. Most of it will cover the fees paid by Cardsphere to the payment processor when that money entered the system, as well as outgoing transaction costs.

Any remaining money will cover our operating costs.

Are you offering insurance?

Not currently. We encourage senders to use postal insurance with valuable packages.

When it comes to insurance provided by Cardsphere, we’re hoping to offer it sometime in the future. That also means getting enough statistics on how often packages go missing or fraud occurs so we can figure out the risk models.

The insurance cash pool will be separate from the stored value pool, meaning we will never use cash from one to fund the other. We have risk management professionals ready to assist us when it’s time.

What do I get for my money?

You get access to the first asymmetric market for trading magic cards that you can trust. We’ve been 100% transparent with our community since day one. Allowing users to cash out means you don’t have to worry about being left with a fake currency and receiving nothing.

Additionally, you get these powerful features:

  • Senders push cards out to receivers -- no negotiations!
  • Complete control over card prices.
  • A max price setting to protect you from price spikes.
  • A configurable package matching tool to find the best trades for you.
  • The ability to send and receive foils.
  • Trading cards in all languages, from all editions, in any tournament-legal condition.

    Our plans for the future include:

  • Community-powered dispute resolution system
  • Optional insurance
  • User reputation system
  • Detailed statistics on everything
  • Automated trade acceptance (your own bot)

How do I know there won’t be a “run on the bank”?

Other than the fees stated above, Cardsphere will never touch your money. Cardsphere will be able to cash out each user their full account (minus applicable fees) at any given time.

How will cash out actually work?

We will make a deposit into your Paypal account. Note that due to Paypal’s regulations, we cannot also allow users to pay Cardsphere with Paypal. This is true for both membership subscription and funding your account.

Paypal cash outs are handled in batches that are processed on Thursday each week. Typical time to receive your funds is 4 - 11 days.

We are exploring other options as well, such as direct deposit into your bank account. We are working with select vendors to arrange for cash out to MTGO bot credit, so that Cardsphere can facilitate changing cardboard to digital cards.

Why Was My Payment Card Not Accepted?

Cardsphere partners with Stripe for payment processing. Stripe allows Cardsphere to accept payment with:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Some debit cards

Payment with a Discover card or crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are not yet available to Canadian Stripe partners. As soon as these options become available, Cardsphere will support them. Not all debit cards may be used, individual banking institutions set their own limits on when and where the cards can be used. For example, some banks do not allow debit cards to make international purchases to prevent fraud.

If your cards are unable to be processed by Cardsphere, please speak with your bank. Explain that you are trying to make a purchase froma Canadian company via Stripe. In most cases, they will be able to assist.

Where do Cardsphere's prices come from?

We use an aggregate of multiple sources. Pricing is updated hourly and we provide controls for all users to set a maximum price, to protect against price spikes.

We do not reveal sources to protect against manipulation of the market. For example, if our sources were known, a single user could buy them out of lower value cards and move the cards through Cardsphere at an artificially higher price.

Eventually, we will also have enough data within the system to compliment the external pricing with deal pricing from Cardsphere itself.

Cardsphere does not provide unique pricing for cards in each language. All prices are based on English printings.

Why did my inventory import fail?

Cardsphere aims to provide import functionality from many other sites and solutions, but unfortunately, there is no standard naming for some cards. This means there will occasionally be cards that can't be matched. Also, if cards are below our condition standards for tradeable cards, or if are marked as untradeable in your inventory they will not be imported.

Pay attention to the import log and let us know if you need any help.

Are there any tutorials available?

Tutorials will appear in the app for users who have never traded. We’re continuing to develop our user education services. Right now we suggest that you check our Getting Started Guide or Pack Crack Fever’s Tutorial videos.

Can I write a bot for Cardsphere?

Cardsphere does not encourage 3rd party scripting and tooling. However, we do not prohibit such activity at this time. Instead, Cardsphere implements several technological measures that are supposed to reduce the effectiveness of such tools.

In the future we do plan on offering trade automation as a premium feature. Doing it via Cardsphere platform itself will allow us to build in fairness and make sure that there is no impact to the site performance.

We encourage bot authors to speak with our developers on Discord or Reddit about your plans.

What if I think I've received a counterfeit?

It's been well known for some time that due to the improvements in copier and printer technology, the quality of counterfeit magic cards have been improving.

If you think you have received a counterfeit card, please contact the trader who sent it to you immediately and let them know about your concerns. Please do so politely; even if the card turns out to be a counterfeit, this does not mean the trader who sent it to you knew that. On the other hand, you trade partner may state that they themselves cracked the card from a booster. Whether true or not, this is a valuable statement to collect for the resolution process.

You may also post images or questions to Cardsphere's Discord or Reddit providing you do not identify your trade partner.

If you are unable to come to a conclusion, on your own, please open a dispute for the card or cards you suspect as counterfeits. You may be asked to provide additional information, or to take the cards to an LGS for verification. Where this is not possible, you may have to ship the card to Cardsphere for examination.

Ultimately, if a card is judged to be a counterfeit, the responsibility is placed upon the sender, as per the Cardsphere Terms & Conditions.

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What Are the Acceptable Reasons for Cancelling a Trade?

Cardsphere allows for cancellations without opening a dispute for various reasons. Please note that all data about cancellations remains available to Cardsphere administrators and may become part of a reputation system in the future.

You may cancel sending a card if:

  • You are unable to locate the card (inventory error).
  • The card you have does not match the committed card (set, condition, finish, language).
  • Your trade partner agrees to let you for any other reason.

As a sender, you cannot cancel a trade because the price has increased, even if you are within the 3 business days allotted to ship the package. When you commit to send a package you are agreeing to send the cards at that price. If a trade partner cancels with you and you suspect it was because of a price spike, please open a support case providing the details. If a user establishes a pattern of cancelling to send at higher prices, they run the risk of having their account banned.